Saturday, June 6, 2009

Its been a while

I officially love rock climbing.

You know how all those people talk about how doing something really taught them about themselves. Usually they say "Travelling to Europe all by myself really taught me about myself" or "I learned so much about myself on my trip to Asia". I'm not even kidding, people always think they learned more about themselves after trips. Don't get me wrong, they probably do, I just find it funny that everyone 'finds' themselves in a different country.

Anyways, as corny as it sounds, I've learned so much about myself through rock climbing.

The first time I went climbing, actually climbing (harnessed in with a belayer), I was terrified when my head was about 12 feet above the ground. By terrified I mean, I was literally shaking adn could not climb any higher. But over time, I become more comfortable and confident in my skills. Eventually I was able to make it to the top and stand on the edge (40 feet high, plus an extra 5'8'' for me!). I find the fact that I was able to overcome this fear amazing. The fact that I can do something that I never imagined was possible. I actually learned so much about myself (even though I can't put it into words to describe to another person). This sport rocks!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


What an unproductive weekend I have had.
I intended to do a shit load of studying - two midterms, a quiz and a paper all before wednesday), but of course I didn't!
That said, at least I wasn't a hermit!
I went out to two dance shows and a movie, along with a study date.
And I was slightly domestic.
I did laundry, first time all month I believe.
And I checked out the house, which I don't think we are going to get, but I don't *love* it, so I'm not to broken up about the possibility of not getting it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am ridiculously socially awkward.
Its rather embarrassing.

That is all.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Career possibility?

I learned something today. What did I learn, you ask? I learned of another possible career for me! Yay!

Pretty much for my entire life I have stressed about 'What I'm going to be'. I've never been one of those people who knew what they wanted to be and just went for it. I've always had a couple of career possibilities that I would tell people I wanted to become when asked the question of 'what do you want to do with your life'. Generally I would play it safe and say either teaching, or recently physiotherapy. Other times I have said things such as being a flight attendant, a stay at home mom (that one doesn't get great reception from other people!), or personal training. I have been told that I should become a doctor, and I have actually thought really long and hard about this job possibility before ruling it out.

Anyways, I learned about a nursing program that you could take after your first degree. This nursing degree can be completed in two years, but is the same as the normal 4 year program. The reason that I am excited about this is because this gives me the opportunity to work in a setting where I would seriously help people. Its like being a doctor, but with less of the responsibility.

I know that if I apply myself, I could totally be a doctor because I am smart enough. I just know I couldn't handle the pressure of it. I couldn't deal with being the person making the decisions that could potentially kill someone. But as a nurse, you take more direction and less of the responsibility (blame?) falls on your shoulders. The only downside would be dealing with peoples poop!

Oh well, I'm so flip-floppy that in two weeks I shall have a new career possibility to look forwards to!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh Balls

Would someone care to explain to me why is it that the first day I wear my fat sweats all semester, I run into the boy I am semi-crushing on? I only see him about once or twice a week since we don't have any classes together or are even in the same faculty any more. Not to mention the couple of pounds that got added to my but last week thanks to the yummy delicious cheetos Leah and I ate!

Murphy's Law. Sucks. Period.

I'm never wearing these sweats out of the house again. I promise. Actually, I promise to never wear any kind of sweats to school again*.

P.S. Toronto was pretty much amazing. I had a great time catching up with my BFFL!

*unless I am going to/coming from a workout/activity lab OR I have a midterm/final. Everyone knows you need comfy pants for stressful exam writing days.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Excited Dance

I just bought plane tickets to toronto to visit Leah! It was a very spur of the moment plan, but thats the way I work. Its going to be amazing regardless of what we do. It will be wonderful to actually have a bunch of time together when neither of us have jobs and school and stress to drag us away from fun. Seriously, I would be happy just organizing her room, grocery shopping and exploring the city. Eating occasionally might be nice as well! 
However, I have to study for my neural movement midterm worth 30% of my grade. Its really hard to concentrate on memorizing something so dull as neural when you are so super excited! 
I leave in 4.5 Days! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So, looking back on the first month of this brand new year, I realized that while some of my resolutions have been kept (I finally got my hair cut, thank you very much!), others have been pushed to the side. I never actually worked up the nerve to go an volunteer at the gauntlet. I have this idea in my head that you have to be arty and chic and English major-y in order to fit in there. So I decided that I would volunteer at the physio clinic instead. This works well with my degree, and the career path I am looking to pursue. I have my first time tomorrow! I'm kinda stoked and a little bit apprehensive. The best part about this opportunity is that it gives me a chance to see if physio is actually a career that I want to do for the next 40 years of my life! 

I have also decided that I'm not going to rush school and get myself all stressed out about classes. Since I transfered into kinesiology after a year in science, I'm behind in all my classes. I'm technically a second year student, but I'm taking first year classes, and will be taking first year classes next year as well. This puts me behind because all those first year classes are requirements  for the 300 and 400 level classes. But if I give myself an extra semester I will be able to get all the classes that I need, and hopefully I will be able to get the grades that I want. 

Last thing, I was looking into other career possibilities for myself and I found something really interesting.  All that classes that are required for my degree, are also the required classes for becoming a personal trainer. After I take those classes (I don't even have to have finished all my classes, just a couple physiology classes) I can take a test and become certified. Its sounds pretty awesome, and pays decently considering the field. Its really reassuring that there are other options for me out there!