Saturday, June 6, 2009

Its been a while

I officially love rock climbing.

You know how all those people talk about how doing something really taught them about themselves. Usually they say "Travelling to Europe all by myself really taught me about myself" or "I learned so much about myself on my trip to Asia". I'm not even kidding, people always think they learned more about themselves after trips. Don't get me wrong, they probably do, I just find it funny that everyone 'finds' themselves in a different country.

Anyways, as corny as it sounds, I've learned so much about myself through rock climbing.

The first time I went climbing, actually climbing (harnessed in with a belayer), I was terrified when my head was about 12 feet above the ground. By terrified I mean, I was literally shaking adn could not climb any higher. But over time, I become more comfortable and confident in my skills. Eventually I was able to make it to the top and stand on the edge (40 feet high, plus an extra 5'8'' for me!). I find the fact that I was able to overcome this fear amazing. The fact that I can do something that I never imagined was possible. I actually learned so much about myself (even though I can't put it into words to describe to another person). This sport rocks!

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